The primary purpose of the regulation is to create a quality residential environment for family living in combination with public space, space for sports, stay and recreation.

The location for the construction of a new residential zone is located in the south-eastern part of the village of Vendolí, west of Svitavy. Historically, the village developed mainly around the longitudinal road. This is a typical example of a so-called rope village. The total area of ​​the plot is 60,432 m2. The territory is divided into a total of 56 separate parcels, roads and spaces for parking and utility networks are also defined. Part of the territory is a public space-park. Plots for the construction of family houses are divided into the construction of detached houses, semi-detached houses and terraced houses.

The development proposed by the regulations respects the rural layout of the development. The buildings are oriented towards the public space, located in the front part of the plots. The traditional arrangement is supplemented by a contemporary form of development and thus creates a modern form of the village while respecting the traditional foundations. All plots have enough private space in the form of an undeveloped part-garden. 

Regional Studies: Q3/2022
Implementation: Q4/2024