The location of the neighboring forest park allows for the creation of unique housing with a view of the greenery. The complex is located outside the historic center and follows the contemporary architecture of the adjacent hospital. One of the buildings historically served as an accommodation facility for nurses and doctors. In the context of the development of the times and the changes that have taken place across all industries, the position now has a new meaning and the residential character is appropriate for the location. The conceptual changes in the area are also followed by the capacity building of the parking areas.

The composition of the masses consists of three objects, the tallest of which is intended purely for a residential function. The smallest of them, on the other hand, are for services that can supplement medical functions in the hospital area - whether in the form of offices, private surgeries or services related to aesthetic medicine. The intermediate object is based on the structural system of the original building.

The interior of the individual apartment units is designed in a minimalist style, complemented by distinctive wooden elements. The interior concept is designed in such a way that it can also be used for medium- and short-term accommodation of foreign guests - visits to the adjacent hospital

The main entrance to the building is located on the 1st floor, followed by a space for bicycles in another basement cubicle. There are 3 apartment units on the floor. Two studios and one 2+kk apartment with a balcony. On the 2nd to 8th floors, the composition of the apartments is the same. On each floor there are 3 apartments 2+kk with their own balcony and a central corridor with a connected communication core. Parking is provided partly in the building and by a residential parking lot on its own property.

Architectural study: Q4/2021
Implementation: Q1/2024