A complete architectural study of a villa in a dynamic part of the Moravian metropolis. The emphasis on softness, curves and the soft dynamics of materials creates a unique project.

A beautiful southern slope in a highly sought-after residential location is directly destined for above-standard living. A wonderful panoramic view determines the horizontal volume of the house. The elegant shape is created with the help of floor plan rotation and folding of individual boards - the floors of the house. Despite its austere simplicity, the house appears soft and dynamic.

The basement is connected to the parterre – the space in front of the house, which is designed as a semi-public space. Due to the difference in height, the main living floor rises above the street, but at the same time connects to the garden and terrace. The "J"-shaped floor plan then enables the creation of a small private wellness area. The living area is also extended by a small atrium. The top floor then functions as a captain's bridge. A multi-purpose space with a panoramic view can be used as a study, a playroom or a space for guests.

Architectural study: Q2/2020
Implementation: Q1/2025