We managed to create a unique residential project with a capacity of 200 apartments and high-quality public space.

The original campus was built in the spirit of beautiful Brno functionalism. The architect Kumpošt created an undoubtedly very distinctive and important building-depot of a transport company for Brno in the then-developing area. Some elements of functionalist buildings are perceived by the general public as completely timeless. In future years, along with the expansion and densification of the city center, the purpose of the wider area will be more and more focused on housing.

In recent years, the addressed area has become strategically very advantageous - both in the context of the development of the southern center and the newly formed floodplain of the Svratka river. Our task is to naturally follow these trends and surpass the quality of the current construction. All prerequisites lead to the creation of a modern, unique project that will breathe new life into the mentioned area.

Architectural study: Q2/2021
URSP: Q2/2022
Implementation: Q3/2026