The Novo Plaza shopping center (originally Novodvorská Plaza) is a local shopping center with various options for spending your free time in Prague. It was purchased by Bluehouse Capital in 2019. The reconstruction took place while the center was in operation with minimal impact on visitors and tenants. The process was divided into several phases and affected all areas of the center, including the underground car park, toilets, facade, exteriors and interiors. The most visible intervention was the completely new glazed main entrance. It is completely digital and functions as an interactive screen - by simply changing the color of each illuminated window frame, different content can be visualized.

In addition to the new and fresh design, the building's technology has been updated and new attractive tenants have been acquired. The building offers 27,500 m2 of retail, hypermarket, storage and other support areas. OC Novo Plaza now offers services and products in more than eighty stores spread over two above-ground floors, including cafes and restaurants.

The main idea of ​​the renovation is to bring a calm and gentle design. The facades are therefore covered in brick in combination with soft earthy colors to remind the importance of the building in the context of the neighborhood. However, to keep the modern feel of this renovation, many digital technologies are implemented. The same concept is applied in the interior. Relocating escalators allows you to create marketing events or events for children. As a bonus, a game with silhouettes hidden in glass is applied to the toilets and facilities. All of this adds up to a smart and very friendly local shopping centre.

Architectural study: Q3/2019
Building permit: Q4/2020
Opening: Q2/2021