The architectural study of the building at the intersection of Thámova and Křižíkova streets was created in 2020. The main goal was to return the building to its functionalist character, original splendour and former glory from the times when the building functioned as an engineering plant and was an important centrepiece of Karlín. For this purpose the brand new colour palette and set of materials has been applied. The whole transformation is supported by a brand new logo and design manual for the tenants and their street shopfronts.

This transformation seamlessly follows the development of the Karlín district and brings the property back among the attractive players in the retail field.

The renovation of the building includes a complete refit of the entrance area, the main lobby and reception as well as all secondary entrances. The aim was to return the space to its original quality and representational character.  There is a pleasant atmosphere for new visitors and long-term tenants thanks to many light sources and new surfaces. Thanks to the use of contrasting gold and black elements, the interior is in the high quality character and the certain functions and features are visible at first glance.

Architectural study: Q2/2020
Building permit: Q2/2022
Realisation: Q1/2023