The French company Unibail-Rodamco constructs and manages shopping centers. Management offices for Central Europe are part of the Chodov Center in Prague, located at the subway station.

The client's assignment was in line with the company strategy: To be the best in the business of offering four-star shopping centers. When creating the design and space plan of the offices, we wanted to bring the four-star product feeling everywhere, from the reception to the toilets.

(text Jiří Hloušek/KYZLINK ARCHITECTS)


One of the goals of the company's management is to train top traders. The entire third floor is furnished as a so-called communication floor. Its interior induces a creative atmosphere, evokes a return to the student years and to the university atelier. The interior acts as an icebreaker. Thanks to the colors and facilities, a person can put aside a serious business attitude straight away, sit down and have a cold drink. Research shows that bar stools speed up communication. An atypical element in the entire concept is a golf hole. Since the third storey does not have a double-flooring, the hole had to be drilled directly into the concrete slab. Additionally, you can relieve stress at the table football game or at the punching bag.