We have all embarked on an ambitious project. The goal was not just to change the address, but to create offices tailored to the corporate culture and vision, which they have been striving for for a long time at IRESOFT. The new premises are therefore all about freedom, according to company’s rule: "We want to create a free company based on the responsibility of individuals and the self-management of teams".

As a result, our spaces are more like "co-working" than traditional offices. It's a space designed for collaboration. The fitout is designed as one compact connected space with a hundred workstations. Feels-like-home mood combined with the modern design brings oportunity to apply a lot of wood, glass, natural elements, greenery, warm colours and soft light. We‘ve created meeting places within the shared offices: workcafé, large terrace, relax zones, fitness room or podcast studio.

Architectural study: Q2/2022
Interior project: Q3/2022
Realisation: Q2/2023
Photo: Jiří Hloušek